Privacy Policy of the Service is addressed to persons who use thereof, hereinafter referred to as Users. Privacy Policy presents a range of data enabling personal identification of Users as well as mechanisms ensuring their privacy. The data is collected and stored by the owner of the Service.

1. The data collected by the owner of the Service:
a) User's IP addresses in the case of sending cookies by the User;
b) Logs registering User's activity on the website;
c) In the case of sending inquiry by the use of the form available on the website:
- name and surname
- telephone number
- e-mail address
- content of the message;
d) In the case of using the Internet shop:
name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address street, street number, postal code, town/city, additional information about delivery, preferable delivery time, information about issuing an invoice, information about delivery address at weekends, diet name, diet time, diet period, diet starting date, diet extras, quantity of set, payment method, delivery method.
2. Methods of data collecting.
Users personal data may either be collected automatically by the server or given by the user during the registration process or while sending an enquiry to the service owner.
3. How we use the collected data.
User's personal data is used for the purpose of creating statistics of website visits and maintaining contact with Users.
User's personal data is not shared with third parties exclusive of entities authorised under regulations of law.
User's personal data given by Users in order to send an enquiry is used for the purpose of replying to the enquiry (contact with the User with regards to the enquiry). User's personal data is not shared with third parties exclusive of entities authorised under regulations of law.

4. Contact with users.
The Service owner may contact Users in order to inform Users about changes in the Service and services provided. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, don't hesitate to contact us at

5. Making changes to User's personal data.
The user may report any changes in their personal data to the Service owner in writing, by telephone or e-mail.

6. Policy of use of cookies.
a) Cookies are data files, especially text files stored on the User's end device. Cookies allow to use The Service website. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, time of their storage on the end device and a unique number
b) The owner of the Service and the entities entitled by the owner of the Service are the only entities placing cookies on the User's end device, and having access to these cookie files.
c) The mechanism of cookies is not used to collect any information about the Service Users, or to track their navigation. Cookie files used in the Service do not store any personal information or other information collected from the Users.
d) The software used for website browsing (a browser) allows to place cookies by default on the User's device. These settings can be changed to block the automatic handling of "cookies" in the web browser or inform on user each time cookies are submitted. Precise information about handling "cookies" are available in the settings of every web browser. Restricting the use of "cookies" may affect some of the functionality of the Service.
e) Cookie files allow to identify Users' device and properly display a web page adjusted to Users' individual needs. They are also used to create statistics of Users visiting the Service website.

7.Data security.
The description of technical and organizational security measures is a part of the Service owner's Security Policy (protection of personal data). In particular, the following securities are used:
a) Any communication between the User and the server is encrypted and protected by the authentication mechanism for the access to the Service.
b) Access to the Service administration is protected by the authentication mechanism.


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