A DIET – Do you associate this word with giving up your favourite food and inconvenient restraint?
We're here to help you change your mind, as
MASTERDIETA – is a totally innovative approach to everyday nutrition.
Why is it the right solution for you?
Because we love cooking, and healthy lifestyle is our passion and everyday inspiration! We exceptionally care about both the quality and taste, as well as visual details of our dishes. We want to infect you with the good taste for food, and create proper habits in you which will help you take control over yourself. You'll experience a full harmony between a great look and a healthy body. Let us show you that healthy food can really be a pleasure, which quickly brings measurable effects involving your build, shape and feeling. You are what you eat – so make right choices and awake your inner power. If you change something today, you create a new, better tomorrow. See it with our eyes – food is true magic!
Here are 5 reasons why you should choose us:
The products in our offer are always fresh and delivered on a daily basis. Thanks to the fact that they are natural, unprocessed and without preservatives, they have high nutritional value and contain minerals and vitamins. We have all certifications which guarantee meeting all norms required by law, necessary acceptances, permissions, conformity of products and services with the highest quality and safety standards, and implementing innovative solutions.
Our dishes are prepared by the best, experienced chefs just a few hours before the delivery.



The perfectly balanced diet, which we offer, is prepared by qualified and experienced dieticians. The well chosen healthy and natural ingredients provide necessary nourishment in proper proportions.
We are aware of your needs.
We offer professional dietary counseling.
Call us if you have any questions.



We make sure you enjoy eating by providing the wide diversity of our dishes. Every day you receive different sophisticated meals. What you get on your plate is never boring, which allows you to relish your food and carry on with your diet. Each meal is not only delicious, but also filling, which makes it easier to eat sensibly and regularly. You just don't feel the need to snack between meals.
We always take your eating habits and tastes into consideration.
Just pick the diet type that suits you best.



Masterdieta is an ideal solution for busy people. The fast pace of life does not usually allow to spend much time on counting calories, creating menus, shopping in the right shops and cooking. Our services are the convenient way of healthy eating and losing weight along with managing your time efficiently.
Let us do it for you!
Every day, you will have well balanced meals delivered directly to the place of your choice at the stated time.



the results of regular dieting come quickly and are clearly visible. A dieter's shape improves significantly along with physical efficiency. It's the key to keeping a fresh and young look, and improving the state of hair and nails. Providing your body with proper nutritional elements prevents various diseases.
Healthy eating has an impact on our well-being, vitality and lust for life.
We have more energy. It makes it easier to do routine activities as well as to take up new challenges.

Dietary catering. What is it?

Dietary catering is your everyday complete set of meals.

It consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, teatime meal and supper.

Just choose a type of diet and energy value.

After placing your order, you will have a set of 5 meals delivered every morning.

Each day, you will receive a different set. You can check the menu on our website.

Any questions? Contact us at kontakt@masterdieta.pl

or by phone on +48 790 342 343