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A diet dedicated to both people who desire to reduce their weight and those who want to keep their body weight. Wide range of products included in the diet results in its nutritional variety. The menu contains milk products, meat, fish and eggs. Varied delicious dishes let you stay healthy and maintain correct body functions.
A diet for those who have decided to cut out products containing meat from their meals. It is enriched with vegetable protein from nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. The menu contains milk products as well as eggs. As it's well-balanced, it prevents from vitamin and mineral deficit.
A perfect diet for people who actively do sports as well for those with alimentary intolerance. It's similar to nutritional patterns of paleolithic man, and it's based on unprocessed food. The ground for the diet consists of meat, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables along with nuts and seeds. Dairy and grain products are excluded from the menu. Varied delicious dishes provide good balance of macroelements and maintain correct body functions.
A perfect choice for busy people, who don't have time for preparing their meals or taking care of their proper eating habits. This offer includes daily delivery of a set of three meals directly to your office or home. A 3Pack consists of lunch, dinner and a teatime meal. A variety of dishes is an excellent alternative for unhealthy fast food.
A diet dedicated to people who actively do sports and therefore need extra resources of highly digestible energy food. It covers the entire demand for energy as well as vitamins and mineral compounds. The menu is marked by a higher content of wholesome protein sources and complex carbohydrates. This rational balanced diet fosters physical efficiency, and optimises training gains. The diet is available in the following energy value options: 2000, 3000 and 4000 kcal.
This diet is prepared for people who want to purge their bodies of built up toxins. It consists in substitution of regular meals with five 420ml cocktails. Our cocktails are gluten and lactose free and they don't contain any sweeteners. The cocktails are a perfect composition of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds. This diet is contraindicated in periods of pregnancy, lactation or intensified physical activity. It mustn't be used by children, youth and elderly people.
Lactose Free
A diet created especially for people with lactose intolerance. Lactose is a milk sugar existing in milk and dairy products. The intolerance depends on lactase enzyme activity, and can occur with a different intensity. To prevent unpleasant symptoms, it is advisable to eliminate products with high content of lactose – milk and dairy products. The menu is enriched with lactose free milk products based on goat's milk and sheep's milk. As it is well balanced, it prevents deficits of nutrients and ensures correct body functions.
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Dietary catering. What is it?

Dietary catering is your everyday complete set of meals.

It consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, teatime meal and supper.

Just choose a type of diet and energy value.

After placing your order, you will have a set of 5 meals delivered every morning.

Each day, you will receive a different set. You can check the menu on our website.

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